Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Myth of Utis and Rhododendron

Rhododendron: Male
Utis : Female

Once Rhododendron wanted to marry so he went to ask the hand of Utis Tree in Autum Season. The tree of Rhododendron was very ugly. All the tree was covered by the bumps of knots of branches.
And Utis was in its full beauty as it was a season of her beautiness. She was tall, slim with shiny leaves.

'No one would like to marry with you' Utis said after looking Rhododendron.

Hearing this, Rhododendron was so angry and challenged ' Come in spring season to see me'.

Time passed away. Finally it was a time of Spring season. Utis remembered the challenged of Rhododendron and decided to see it once.

As it saw Rhododendron, covered with flowers it slipped through hill. So it is said that Utis tree grow only in the place where landslide occurs.

Photo Source: Wikipedia


  1. hi Arati,
    Having read your latest post "The Myth of Utis and Rhododendron" I remembered the past of a childish moment because this story was told us at night by adult, the period of we used to go for the cattle shelter "BESI" out of home. It is very nice, keep on posting like it.

  2. thank u gajendra dai for ur comment.
    this story is told to me by my father while crossing Guranse below Heele.
    i liked it very much and finally i found right platform to publish it.

  3. Nice story!
    But I had read the 'reverse version' in Nepali before, i.e. Uttis as male and Laligurans as female (I might be wrong as it was more than 20 years ago).

    Anyway, nice posting.

  4. Hey arati!!!
    why dont u just do Phd on flowers!!...

  5. That's nice idea
    i would have certainly done if i were a Botany student

  6. That was beautiful. Do you happen to have a source of this myth, I mean any references