Thursday, August 30, 2007

A girl with a blue earring

Note: This is my first article that I published in my brother's blog. I hadn't blog of my own at that time so now I am publishing it in my own blog. I hope u like it.

As always, that day I was in hurry to my college. I was walking on the way; my eyes got stopped in a earring which was lying in the middle of the road. Quickly I picked it up. I thought whether anybody was watching me or not only after picking it up. I relaxed nobody was watching because it was an early morning. I moved forward. I dropped it in my right hand pocket of my jacket. I was walking and my hand was inside my pocket which was holding that earring.

I was thinking who might have dropped it may be the girl of my same age because I see many girls of my age wearing such type of earring. I remembered a movie which I watched recently by that earring. The movie's title was' A girl with a pearl earring' and the actress was Scarlett Johansson. Only one earring was used in that movie.

I reached my college. I was holding it inside my pocket. Although I was very curious to see I didn't see it. The class was running and my hand was still holding that earring. As soon as the class was over I showed to my friends but they reacted passively may be they didn't hear me. I kept it in the same pocket. All the classes were over so I returned back home.

I watched it carefully. The earring was a circle earring of metal. A bell was there in the middle of the circle. The forward and backward of bell was decorated by some kind of steel golden flowers and plastic blue beads. There were seven different blue beads hanging in the bell. There were also five different blue beads hanging in those seven blue beads. I thought two beads were lost out of seven beads.

I showed to my mother. She said it is very beautiful and will be more beautiful if it is made out of gold. I showed to my sister and she too said it was beautiful and remembered her own earring which she took out from her jewellery box and put it herself and in the mean time I was writing the story of ' A girl with a blue earring' wearing that blue earring.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Flowers

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart, grown primarily for its ornamental heart-shaped flowers, prefers semishade and fertile, well-drained soils. Various species bloom in yellow, white, or various shades of red and the hardy plant can thrive for years if undisturbed but protected.

(Oxford Scientific Films/Deni Bown )
My comment: I always used to wonder how the bleeding heart looks after reading an article in kantipur by sukumaya, sister of parijat. In that article, she described it remembering her sis parijat on the anniversary of her death. Parijat was also a great lover of flowers.

Garden Larkspur

The garden larkspur, native to northern temperate regions, is a fast-growing, branching, annual flowering plant, grown for its colorful white, pink, or blue flowers. Reaching a height of 1.2 m (4 ft), larkspur grows best in a sunny location in fertile, well-drained soils. Plants of this genus may be especially susceptible to damage from slugs and snails.

Oxford Scientific Films/G.A. Maclean

My comment: we call it 'dhania phul' becoz the leaves of it is very similar to corriander.


The cornflower is a branching annual cultivated for its attractive blue, pink, purple, red, or white flowers. A frost-hardy species, the cornflower grows well in sunny locations with well-drained soils.
Photo Researchers, Inc./Rene Dulhoste/Jacana

My comment:oh!!! this is the most common flower I see these days in swoyambhu area. It's a nice cut flower. It can remain upto 10 days as a cut flower in water in flower vase.

Nail Polish Flowers

The nail polish plant, so-named because of the bright color of its flowers, belongs to the four-o’clock family. It grows best in sunny locations in fertile, well-drained soils.

Oxford Scientific Films/Waina Cheng

My comment: I didn't know it's name till today. But the name was funny one Isn't it. Nail polish flower!!

Silk Oak

A native of eastern Australia, the silk oak has been introduced to tropical and subtropical areas worldwide. The dark green or bronze leaves are covered with white, silky hairs on the underside. The yellow-orange flowers attract bees and provide nectar for honey production in some regions. The silk oak is also used as a shade tree, a street tree, and even a potted ornamental.

Bruce Coleman, Inc./Bob Gossington

My comment: it is found along the ring road of ktm. It's sticky becoz once I picked it it made my hand sticky !!

Slocum Crimson Bottlebrush

The crimson bottlebrush, a member of the Callistemon genus, is cultivated as an ornamental shrub worldwide and can grow as tall as 8 m (26 ft). The distinctive crimson flowers, which resemble br
ushes used to clean bottles and test tubes, can be up to 10 cm (4 in) wide

Animals Animals/Perry D.
My comment:I came to know it's name through my father. I thought it's name is very suitable to it when I first heard it.

Microsoft ® Encarta ® Encyclopedia 2004.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

love flowers

Tropical Orchid

Many orchids that grow in under the dense canopy of the rain forest feature brilliant purple, magenta, or red coloration that makes it easy for pollinators to spot them in their shady environment.

(The Image Bank/James H. Carmichael, Jr. )

Brazil’s tropical climate supports a rich variety of colorful flowers, such as this bright yellow orchid.
(Kevin Schafer Photography Brazilian Orchid )

My comment: Orchids oh god ! it's my best flower. I love collecting orchids. I have four different types of orchid in my house. My hobby is to collect orchids as many types as I can. If u get orchid plant, remember me and bring a small plant for me. That would be my best gift ever.

Water Lily

Water lilies usually float on the surface of quiet waters, with the stalk reaching down to the earth. Some varieties, however, grow completely under water, even producing their flowers and fruits while

(Bruce Coleman, Inc./Michael P. Gadomski )

My comment: It's my second fav flower. I just love water lily but not as much as orchids.

Garden Nasturtium

The common garden nasturtium, a variety of Tropaeolum majus, is cultivated for its attractive flowers and edible foliage. The nasturtium originally came from South America.
(Dorling Kindersley )

My comment: I know this flower when we were in jumla ten years back. My mom used to grow it. According to her it's seed was given by Canadian fren whose name was oddette and we used to call it oddette ji phul.

My comment:The interesting fact about this flower is the number of petals of this flower is equal to the number of 'I love You' . so we used to call it 'I love U ' flower in jumla.


(Animals Animals/Alfred B. Thomas
Snapdragon )

My comment: we call it ' bhyagute phul' becoz we can open the mouth of this flower like frog.

Flowering Gardenia

Gardenia is both the common and scientific name for a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs grown for their attractive, fragrant flowers. Native to tropical and subtropical countries, the plants thrive in greenhouses, with only a few species hardy enough to survive outdoors where summers reach sufficiently warm temperatures.

(Oxford Scientific Films/Deni Bown)

My comment: This has a very strong sweet odor. When I was 9 yrs old we, my sis and I put it on our hair which nearly covered our head because of it's odor. So many people teased us for this but I always remember this incident if I see this flower.


The petunia, a member of the nightshade family, is commonly cultivated as a garden plant. Petunias exist in a wide number of varieties, with flowers of different colors, shadings, and shapes.

(Dorling Kindersley )

My comment: we used to call it' mike phul' becoz it looks like traditional mike similar to gramaphone.


The feathery, fernlike leaves of the evergreen shrub Mimosa pudica curl inward when touched. Tiny, deep-pink flowers appear in the summer.

( Dorling Kindersley)

My comment: whenever I see this plant I like touch to touch immediately. It's my relflex action.we call it 'lajjawati jhar'

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hiking to the top of hill

Today we went on a hiking after a long time. We always plan for hiking but our plan goes always in vain. But today our plan succeeded.

When we left house at twelve o’clock and the rain was drizzling. We (My mother, my sister and I) bought some Rum Pum and Nepalese "Sel Roti" from near shop.

We were unaware of the way to up hill. This was our first time to go up the hill. We always see that particular hill from our home (Swoyambhu) very closely. We hadn’t gone there. Only my younger brother reached before us in last Dashain.

We moved forward by exploring our way. We were frightening from leech as it was season of leech. We reached to field of flower.

There were lots of flower and its farmers were busy in their field. The yellow, orange and red color Lahure flowers were blooming in the field. We bought some flowers and took photographs. Then we moved ahead.

After climbing little up we reached in that hill. It was a small hill. There was a tree of Salla in the middle of the hill. The large hills cover that small hill around it. The weather was rainy so the clouds were moving so near to the hill as if we can touch those clouds.
The weather was so cool and pleasant. The scenery around the hill was so beautiful like heaven. Green, Green and Green.
We took photos and ate food items that we had brought. It was time to return so we returned before it become late. But we made nice memories there.

I request all of u to go for hiking near the hills of Kathmandu. Please!! I swear you enjoy a lot.