Monday, November 30, 2015

महिला हिंसा

म फील्डमा जाँदा  एउटा सानो छोरी गीत गाउदै नाच्दै  मेरो छेउमा आउँदा मेरो छोरा को कति याद आको थियो ।  त्यो छोरी को दुई दिदीहरु पनि थिए।  भर्खर थाहा पायें की उसको बाऊ ले कान्छी श्रीमती ल्याएको छ रे।  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Charikot Diaries

9 Dec 2014
Tomorrow I am going Kathmandu and is very excited to meet my dear son,, his cheerful face is hovering all around me,, I think I can’t sleep today,, Human beings are the most discontent creature in the world,, they want something and if that something is fulfilled they want another thing,,, we don’t enjoy that something and start to long for another thing,, in this process we never become happy,,,sometimes I hate that I am a human being,,,
My bags are packed with 8 kilos of oranges
Today I opened this diary to write some review about the books that I read in this few months,,, The list goes like this
1 The Immortals of Meluha
2 Baalyakaalkaa Padchaap
3 Damini Bhir
4 Khalanga Maa Hamalaa
5 Nothing To Declare
6 Tilled Earth
7 You can win
8 The Alep
The Immortals of Meluha is about the story of Lord Shiva who sets off his journey with his followers to Meluha- a place in India from Kailash. The novel webs story around Lord Shiva who falls in love with a princess of Meluha. He saves her life and her kingdom. The story is weaved in such a way that reader can’t stop the flow of reading,,,it’s full of drama and seems like watching a Bollywood movie but reading is always enjoyable than watching,,,
Baalyakaalkaa Padchaap is a childhood nostalgic essay of famous writer Khagendra Sangraula. The strong presentation of small incident of rural life of himself glue reader to this book,,, At some point the writer makes reader to laugh out loud and at some point it makes reader to think deep on the social stigma of rural Nepali life,,,It is the writer’s skill that a simple life can make great story if presented well,,,
Damini Bhir is a madan prize winner novel in which the writer Rajan Mukarung has presented typical village life during the people’s war and post people’s war. The characters revolve around the political situation during that time. It slightly touches the indigenous people’s situation, issue and problems,, , It has a distinct language while presenting the story.
Khalanga Maa Hamalaa is an autobiography of a nurse who leaves an urban job and goes to work in remote part of Nepal ie Jumla District. The book describes the Maoist attack at Khalanga Bazar- the capital of Jumla,,,it is also the novel prize winner for this year and it is really inspiring that a women provides health service to people of remote place selflessly.
Nothing To Declare is a collection of short stories written by Rabi Thapa. The stories are around Nepali characters,,, mostly it is a male perspective about society, ,,,the nepali society is presented very well,,,
Tilled Earth is written by Manjushree Thapa and is the collection of short stories. Stories are weaved around Nepali characters who live abroad and in Nepal. Different characters represent different life of Nepali ,,, some represent modern life ,, some typical rural life
You Can Win is the world famous book written by Shiv Khera,,,this book gives encouragement and gives tips for healthy thinking,,, lot’s of inspiring examples motivate reader in every topic the writer discuss about. Still many chapter is left to read,,,
The Alep is written by world famous writer Paulo Coelho and it is about the journey of himself to attend the book fare all over the world,,, I couldn’t enjoy this so just read the beginning only,,, I don’t know whether I will read the whole book ,,

16 August 2015
Book update
I read ‘Sansar Lai Sandhe Panch Phanko’ by Pushkar Shah few months back but after the earthquake I was busy in relief distribution, and couldn’t think of anything else,,, after finishing the first phase of distribution I started reading ‘Aadha Jun’ by Jhalak Subedi. ‘Sansar Lai Sandhe Panch Phanko was a travel diary of a man who travelled the world on bicycle. It gives a view of world through a broke traveler and Aadha Jun is all about a young boy Sanjay who fights against Panchayat system to bring democracy.

Today is Nepal Bandha ,,,,, the draft constitution couldn’t represent voice of vulnerable people so people are against it. The aftershock is still there and a big one last night at Charikot. The oldest bridge of Charunge was washed away this month; the landslides are not stopping in the villages. The people are losing their attitude by the relief,,,they are becoming greedy, stubborn  day by day,,, complaining,,shouting,,, angry,,,lazy,,,

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

स्कुलको सम्झनाहरु

आज धेरै दिन पछी स्कुलको सम्झना आइरहेछ दमक छोडे पछी दमक लाई चट्टै माया मारिएछ भने झै भई रहेछ किनकी आज गनेर ल्याउँदा ठ्यकै १० बर्ष पुरा भएछ त्यहाँ पाइला नटेकेको
स्कुले दिन पनि त्यति रमाइलो भएन ।।।। स्कुल जाउ , दिन भरी कक्षामा बिताउ , गर्मी मौसम , अल्छि अनी निन्द्रा लाग्दो कक्षाहरु ।। पढ्नमा अरुची ,, यस्तै यस्तै थिए दिनहरु ।।।

  तर केही स्कुल को सम्झनाहरु कहिले नओइ लिवोस जस्तो लाग्दो रहेछ।। अझै पनि स्कुल को गेट छिर्दा गेटै छेउको सुनाखरी त्याँही फुलिरहेको होला भन्ने सम्झनामा आइरहन्छ अनी बेगन बेली को फुल मुनी को चौतारी अझै नि फुलले सितल दिइ रहेको होला भन्ने लाग्छ।। त्यो स्कुल घन्टी नि कदमको रुखमुनी झुण्डी रहेको मेरो स्मृति मा अनी त्यो सिसौको बोटको सुनखरी ओहो कहिल्यै बिर्सिन सक्दिन ति  फुल हरुलाई ।।। अल्छि लाग्दो कक्षामा बसेर बाहिर हेर्नु को मज्जा बेग्लै हुन्थ्यो।। पानी परिरहेको बेला टिनको छानाको आवज अनी पानीको थोपाहरु त्यो सानो अंबाको पात माथि बर्सिदा अंबाका पातहरु कस्तरी नुहिन पुग्थ्यो ।।। त्यो चर्तिकला हेरेर कहिले थाक्दिन थे ।। त्यो चर्तिकला कहिले नसकियोस झै लाग्थ्यो  ।। कक्षामा के के पढाई हुन्थ्यो सम्झन्न तर त्यो अंबाको बोट्लाई कहिले बिर्सन सक्दिन

त्यसैले मलाई दमक जान मन लाग्दैन अनी स्कुल पनि ।।।। कही त्यो गेटको सुनाखरी को ठाउँमा सिमेन्टिको पिलर पो कि ! ! बेगन बेली को ठाउँ मा पार्किङ होला ।।  घन्टी भएको ठाउँमा कन्क्रिट होला ।। त्यो अंबाको बोटको नाम निसाना कतै नहोला ।।। सोच्दा नि उकुस मुकुस लागेर आउछ !!!!