Sunday, July 22, 2007

The story of making paper

We have a famous saying in our home. ‘Everyone is creative during exam’

It is famous because we do something creative work in the examination. My elder brother made dustbin out of cylindrical part of Toilet Paper in the period of his exam.

I made candle stand from mud during the study period of exam. I don’t know why the creative ideas come only at the study period of exam.

By considering this in mind I wrote a list of plan to do after exam becoz the creative ides comes only during exams.

One of the plan was to make new paper out of old newspaper. The idea to make paper came to my mind by the tips of Bipana which she gave me several months ago.

First I need to do was to keep newspaper in water till it can be breakdown into fine pieces. I soaked newspaper at the time of exam. So that it would be ready to make papers after finishing my exam.

The exam got over and the paper was ready for making new paper. As said by Bipana, I made fine pieces of soaked newspaper. I was said that it needed a lot of newspaper to make paper. So I soaked a lot of newspaper. This took a lot of time to grind that newspaper.

I was doing all these with my sister. We were wandering how this can turn to paper. We were still grinding newspaper till afternoon nearly two and half hours. The sun was shining and we were grinding continuously.

The pieces of newspaper were fine enough to be paper. We came to know this because the spilled portion of that solution of water and newspaper started to dry in upper parts of our hand and on the floor.

‘Paper’ I shouted ‘Its paper’ the small pieces of paper was every where the solution was spilled.

We were so happy as if we discovered a new thing like Archimedes found the law of flotation in his bathroom and said ‘eureka’

Finally we made paper. We dried it in placing steel net which we got from store room.

We succeed in making two large papers which was equal to the size of chart paper.

We were so happy and content at the end of the day because we succeeded in making paper by ourselves.

Later we cut those paper in small size where we painted the nature and sent best wishes to our friends as dashain was coming near.

I still remember that happiness which I got when I first recognized the small pieces of paper and shouted “paper”