Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fulhari Gumba Visit

Yesterday I went to Fulhari Gumba with my friend Archana. It is on the way to Sundarijal and behind Kapan Gumba. It is such a nice place that everybody wants to go there next time. It was my third time and Archana's first.

The Lamas started their function after we roamed all around Gumba. Archana lit a lamp. I also wanted to lit, but there was only one lamp.

We attend their function. They chanted Mantras and beated drums. In the mean time they distributed special tea.The taste of Tea was so good which I am still remembering.I drank three cups. I said it as 'Amrit'.

It was a nice day but the weather was too cold as it rained while we were inside Gumba.

Archana liked that Gumba so much. She said it's same like Darjeeling.

It was one of my happy day in Jan of 2008.

I will write more about it later.

Monday, January 21, 2008

New College

I started my class of Master's Degree in Masscommunication and Journalim at Kantipur City College(KCC) from 17 Jan.It will be an intersting class for me because It will refreshes my bachelors studies and help me to learn more about Masscommunication and Journalism. The other factor that interests me about this new class and college is the number of students.

When I was in Shepherd College of Media Technology, there used to be only 11,12 students in regular class, which is very mimimum number as compared to my new class.There are almost 40 students in this MA MCJ(Masters of Arts and Masscommunication and Journalism).And I find KCC so crowdy. There are always a lot of students hovering around.May be this is the real college life.

But,I am worried about time. The class starts from 6:30am. It takes me 1hr to reach my college from home. so I have to wake up at 5 am. It's so difficult to wake up so early but the enviroment of new college attracts me and I like to come to college.

I met Bikkil and Bishal for the first time after leaving Shepherd. They are also studying in KCC with me. We are 5 students from Shepherd.Pramina, Sandesh, Bikkil,Bishal and me.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Busy Week in 2008

Last week was a very active week. I travelled to my grandfather's house in Morang for his work on Tuesday. The call for an interview made me return back so soon, so I returned back to Kathmandu on Thursday by air.

It was an active week because I did so many things within four days. First thing was travelling by bus in a whole day. We went to a river and played on water on Wednesday. I met so many relatives in Morang. I attended the funeral ceremony of my grandfather on Thursday and I returned to Kathmandu on the same of ceremony.

This time, it was an quiet different experience of travelling in air after 12yrs.The experience was not only travelling but I felt a kind of proudness with the Himalayas which I saw them from the windows of my seat.I thought,I grew up in the lap of those Himalayas and felt so proud to be a Nepali. The feeling filled me some kind of energy to me.

On friday I gave an interview. The interview was in English. It was my first Interview in English. I am satisfied with it but let's see what happens next.

The last day of this week said bye bye in rush because I attended the meeting of our club and an Presentation on language by our President, Chandra Singh Kulung.

Today is Sunday and I planned to rest at home although there was a call from my fren Chanda to attend her home along with other fren Neelam.I will meet them tomorrow.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Nothing to write but writing something, which is around me, the weather. The temperature of kathmandu for today is 12 degree celcius for minimum and maximum will be 16 degree celcius and it will be a sunny day according to BBC.

The rays of sun are already there to make kathmandu a sunny day.But I am inside my office and typing in keyboard, looking those sunny rays outside. Plants are enjoying its delicate and tender morning rays of sun.

Inside room, my hands are freezing as it is producing some letters in computer screen.Inspite of socks, my toes are also freezing. I am feeling them as cold as ice. After sometime I have to get into work, when the meeting finishes. The meetings always make me out of my work place and give chance to add new post in my blog.That's what I am doing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


हाम्रो प्यारो बाजेको आत्माले चिर शान्ती पाओस्। उहाँको आत्मालाई हार्दिक श्रद्दान्जली।

May his soul rest in peace in heaven