Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 10

I was complaining last week that I couldn't do anything fruitful in my 3 days holiday. So we entered into a bookshop at Jamal. My choice was 'The Kite Runner' which I was longing to read since long time ago.

I had only little info about the book. What I know was it was one of the world famous books. The book is about the suffering caused by war especially to children.

My perception about reading novel is the lesson perceived depends upon the type of reader.

I found the first half very interesting but a little dramatic at the end. Overall the writer faired the title. In the story; Amir the boy is narrating the story about the 'Hassan’ who was a servant of him. Hassan is not only a loyal servant but a good friend whom he treats ‘good’ as well as ‘bad’ at times.

Amir is a rich boy who had most beautiful house in whole Afghanistan. Hassan being servant and friend is ready to serve Amir in anyway. Hassan helps to win the Kite competition to Amir and also promises to bring the defeated kite to him as he was a good Kite Runner.

It is a story on redemption that Amir pays to Hassan at the end.

The writer has clearly given the information on how Afghanistan suffered from the invasion of Russian troop to Taliban rule.

At the end, I was unsatisfied with previous complain. It was a fruitful holiday as I read one of the good novels since far.