Thursday, April 18, 2013

lost ring

Yesterday there was a news about a lady who found her lost ring after 16years and she found that on the root of a carrot in her garden.

my mother and i was listening to this news and we talked about the same kind of story which took place some years ago.

one fine day my ring need to be fixed as the stone was lost from my ring and i gave it to my mother to fix in a shop. shew wore on her little finger which i had worn in ring finger.

she left for shop and on the way , there was a kitchen garden where mother used to plant vegetables. she thought that the shop may be closed due to early morning.. she decided to work there for sometime. she worked for a while and when she decided to leave from there.. suddenly she found that there was no ring in her little finger..

she hurriedly searched where she had worked.. but she couldn't find... she searched and searched and searched .. but all in vain..

time passed.. after nearly two years she called me and told me very excitedly that she found the ring on the root of ginger.. finally the lost ring was found..

i told this to my husband.. he replied you do not treasure my gift and I said" I didn't lost it, my mother did"

today is the second marriage anniversary and the ring is safely in my finger...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

oh my god! i haven't posted a single post in this blog for nearly one year.. i was super busy .. there are many things to share but time... yes it's time .. it's the realization period that what busy meant.. the day starts with my son and ends with him..