Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kitchen Garden

Mom's last visit gave me a kind of pressure because she sowed some bell chilly seeds in a polythene bag. After few months I noticed seedlings sprouting all over the polythene bag. The tension rose on transplanting those small seedling to another suitable place..
Since I am new to the area, I didn't know the availability of soil.The seedling were growing continuously and tension was rising and I didn't want to dump it. One day I was drinking tea on my veranda and suddenly I saw some men digging along the road side. So I thought that soil might be useful for me to plant the seedling. I went there with a polythene bag and brought some soil. Finally, my kitchen garden was complete. Now I have bell chilly, tomato and coriander.
(PS I had a chance to attend International Year of Family Farming last week)
22 Apr 2017
I got beautiful harvest during that year and learnt something about agriculture. here is the photo