Monday, June 23, 2014

Some corners

19 Apr 2014
5 days and 4 nights- a quiet different experience for me ended today. Had a chance of observing lots of village stories in Dolakha. New responsibilities are upon me . Have full energy to work more and perform better.
Story no 1
Shanta BK from jhule VDC Dolakha is pregnant from unknown month. She has a small boy of 1 year old. She has 5 children and one is coming soon. Till now, she hasn't visited health post for regular checkup. She is shy and villagers scold and say something to her whenever they meet. So she is avoiding all this. She is around 45 years old and it seems complicated pregnancy.
Story no 2
'How did this happen?' I asked. I mean ' did he fell from tree or did he fell due to blood pressure' the reply was 'by drinking'
He had very bad injury in head. They said that head bone is almost outside the skin.
Story no 3
'my husband nearly killed that health person' said laxmi thapa. Her husband had a permanent family planning operation. But due to lack of proper information laxmi was pregnant.
Story no 4
We saw an abandoned house and asked villager about the house. They said it belonged to a family, mother, father and three children.
One day mother was pregnant and the father of the baby was a villager of the same village. When that man knew about the pregnancy, he captivated the woman, killed her and buried. The investigation was done and body was found.
The husband committed suicide. According to villager, the three children were taken by a Swiss for proper upbringing and education.