Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Remembering Damak

Damak is a town in eastern part of terai, surrounded by hills in northern side. The Ratwa River flows through Damak. It's a brief introduction about Damak.

But I remember Damak as a valuable place in my life always.There are a lot of things to remember about Damak. Especially my school Chulla Chulli Boarding.

The teachers and friends are the most valueable gift that I got in Chulla Chulli. I got chance to learn a lot of things from them. That is the moment to remember in my life always and that are the moments that made me 'Arati'.

Sarda Miss is always a inspiring teacher in my life. She is the one who inspired me to read literature. I can't forget her classes of Gulmohar, History and English. It used to be my favourite class. Her way to make understand to students was such a powerful.

Similarly Chandra sir, Nepali sir ( Upendra Parajuli), Ram Kaushil Sir and Bengali Sir are those teachers who not only taught lessons but taught the lessons of life.

The other part of Chulla Chulli are frens. Jharna and Binu are the vital part of my school life. They have a lot of influence in me. Teju, Khushbu, Pinka and Shiksha are the friends, with whom we along with Binu and Jharna, used to enjoy a lot.

There a lot of memories beside this, I will write later.