Friday, May 11, 2007

Dancing girl

May 10 2007
Sometimes we encounter such moment that we never think about. Something like that happened today.

My father asked my sister and me to bring today's newspaper at the evening at 7 pm. so we went to swoyambhu chowck. As we reached there we were attracted by the lights that were shining the face of Lord Buddha in Buddha Park. We decided to go to Buddha Park. We always see Buddha park in the day time. We rarely go there at the evening. The environment of Buddha Park is totally different in the evening. As I already said it is whole reflected by the yellowish colour of lights. The environment is very pleasant in yellowish colour.

We took a round of Lord Buddha’s beautiful golden statue. There is a huge Peepal tree in front of statue of Buddha. People enter Buddha Park from the left side of that Peepal tree and exit from the right side.

As we were leaving from there, a small girl may be of 8 or 9 yrs age, was dancing in the exit part of that park. We stopped there and sat under that tree to watch the girl who was dancing alone. There were gentleman watching the girl in the left side of that girl and her friends were watching her from the right side from where we were watching.

That small girl was facing opposite of Buddha and was dancing so beautifully.

She was wearing a white jama and that jama was decorated by light purple flowers. Her hair was little bit longer than shoulder length and she was wearing a red band in her head. Her hair was untied and was straight. She was wearing a sandal which she took out after dancing a while.

She was not nervous and was dancing very beautifully with beautiful steps and even she was lip singing.

The song was fast track song may be of Buddhism.

The steps she was making while dancing were different. Sometimes she moved her both hands at right side and sometimes to the left side. Likewise she moved her hand upwards, down wards, front side, backside, one hand up and one hand side wise. She clapped her hand in different styles. She sat and danced.

I was fascinated by her dancing. I watched her so carefully and her dancing steps.
She danced continuously. One of the gentlemen took photographs or may be video of that dancing little girl with his mobile camera.

The song was continuously going on and that little girl was dancing continuously. Many people watched and went as the girl as the girl was dancing continuously.

I decided to watch till the end. But the gatekeeper of that park asked us to leave the park because it was time to close the gate, so we rushed. But I was thinking of that girl. I asked to the gatekeeper who the little girl was. He said that she is the daughter of one of the person who lives inside that park.

While returning to home, my sister and I talked about that girl.
“May be that girl was taught about dancing steps" we said to each other.

But the amazing fact was that the song was continuous more than 20 minutes and the girl was dancing with different steps. How could she remember those steps and performing so beautifully without looking restless?