Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is politics really a dirty game?

Just few days back, I read a slam book of my sister's friend. I went through the pages of that slam book. Reading slam book gives information about the types of people. So I like reading others slam book too.

I read thoroughly. Many girls and boys gave their opinion on Love, Life, Friendship, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Dress, Best Colour, Happy Moments, Unhappy Moments and so on.

Politics was also one of the topic in which opinion was given. I focused on it. The most common opinion on politics was ' A Dirty Game'.

How did politics become a dirty game in the eyes of boys and girls of class 10? How did politics get this tag?

Not only those boys and girls says it a dirty game, many intellectuals may opine it in same way. This is very bad impression about politics.

We should understand that politicians made it a dirty game but we shouldn't forget that it is only politics that makes a country, a developed country.


  1. You know what i think, Ariti, politics is not a dirty game itself but the players (i.e. politicians) made it dirty.

    sirjana didi

  2. Couldn't agree more with anonymous! Our politics is dirty because all the dirt has been accumulated into politics. But as politics touches each and every field of life of people, our life has pretty much been polluted.
    One problem with our politics is that our so called 'politicians' are total failure professionally. It is bunch of losers.

  3. hi arati,
    felt nice to go through ur blog site. and hope to see more of these articles and discussion topics.