Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fulhari Gumba Visit

Yesterday I went to Fulhari Gumba with my friend Archana. It is on the way to Sundarijal and behind Kapan Gumba. It is such a nice place that everybody wants to go there next time. It was my third time and Archana's first.

The Lamas started their function after we roamed all around Gumba. Archana lit a lamp. I also wanted to lit, but there was only one lamp.

We attend their function. They chanted Mantras and beated drums. In the mean time they distributed special tea.The taste of Tea was so good which I am still remembering.I drank three cups. I said it as 'Amrit'.

It was a nice day but the weather was too cold as it rained while we were inside Gumba.

Archana liked that Gumba so much. She said it's same like Darjeeling.

It was one of my happy day in Jan of 2008.

I will write more about it later.

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