Monday, January 7, 2008


Nothing to write but writing something, which is around me, the weather. The temperature of kathmandu for today is 12 degree celcius for minimum and maximum will be 16 degree celcius and it will be a sunny day according to BBC.

The rays of sun are already there to make kathmandu a sunny day.But I am inside my office and typing in keyboard, looking those sunny rays outside. Plants are enjoying its delicate and tender morning rays of sun.

Inside room, my hands are freezing as it is producing some letters in computer screen.Inspite of socks, my toes are also freezing. I am feeling them as cold as ice. After sometime I have to get into work, when the meeting finishes. The meetings always make me out of my work place and give chance to add new post in my blog.That's what I am doing.

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  1. Anyway ,your writing split over my mind i can imagine how you feel on these cold days at kathmandu...keep it up