Monday, January 21, 2008

New College

I started my class of Master's Degree in Masscommunication and Journalim at Kantipur City College(KCC) from 17 Jan.It will be an intersting class for me because It will refreshes my bachelors studies and help me to learn more about Masscommunication and Journalism. The other factor that interests me about this new class and college is the number of students.

When I was in Shepherd College of Media Technology, there used to be only 11,12 students in regular class, which is very mimimum number as compared to my new class.There are almost 40 students in this MA MCJ(Masters of Arts and Masscommunication and Journalism).And I find KCC so crowdy. There are always a lot of students hovering around.May be this is the real college life.

But,I am worried about time. The class starts from 6:30am. It takes me 1hr to reach my college from home. so I have to wake up at 5 am. It's so difficult to wake up so early but the enviroment of new college attracts me and I like to come to college.

I met Bikkil and Bishal for the first time after leaving Shepherd. They are also studying in KCC with me. We are 5 students from Shepherd.Pramina, Sandesh, Bikkil,Bishal and me.


  1. Welcome to KCC. These coming 2 years is sure going to be a lot of fun.

  2. Congrats for joining KCC,
    so sad that i couldnt get to experience the kcc life fully. i loved kcc during my times. education was real good and it was also so much fun staying at kcc. good education and fun is what students search in their college life. and kcc really did that. well but thesedays, though the education is not that good there, but then, there is no better college than that, i think.....for studies like yours and mine... i had a hell like college life in the second college with no education, no sister is having a blast at kcc.....and so, you too have fun and get good education and meet many more interesting people from your field to help you further in your career.....all the best!!!:) and yeah three cheers to kcc!!!