Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Busy Week in 2008

Last week was a very active week. I travelled to my grandfather's house in Morang for his work on Tuesday. The call for an interview made me return back so soon, so I returned back to Kathmandu on Thursday by air.

It was an active week because I did so many things within four days. First thing was travelling by bus in a whole day. We went to a river and played on water on Wednesday. I met so many relatives in Morang. I attended the funeral ceremony of my grandfather on Thursday and I returned to Kathmandu on the same of ceremony.

This time, it was an quiet different experience of travelling in air after 12yrs.The experience was not only travelling but I felt a kind of proudness with the Himalayas which I saw them from the windows of my seat.I thought,I grew up in the lap of those Himalayas and felt so proud to be a Nepali. The feeling filled me some kind of energy to me.

On friday I gave an interview. The interview was in English. It was my first Interview in English. I am satisfied with it but let's see what happens next.

The last day of this week said bye bye in rush because I attended the meeting of our club and an Presentation on language by our President, Chandra Singh Kulung.

Today is Sunday and I planned to rest at home although there was a call from my fren Chanda to attend her home along with other fren Neelam.I will meet them tomorrow.

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  1. Oh god! you really had become a very busy person this week but sadly this week only...... I pray to god that this business may always be with you in your whole life.