Friday, November 2, 2007

Man Bahadur Majhya: My Maternal Grandfather

My mom is fond of telling her childhood days to me becoz we spent so much time in Kitchen as compared to my brothers and sister.

I remember every incident that she start to tell from its first line of starting. But I have to listen her as enthusiastically as I am hearing for the first time. She scolds if I didn't listen to her. If not, she says now you are big enough not to listen to me. No body cares to me as I cared all of u so much.

She tells about her father, mother, sister, brother,Kaka, kaki, phupu, boju and the villagers which she remembers.

My grandfather had a large joint family. He had 5 brothers and 3 sisters. He took all the responsibilities to grow them up. He was the second son but he fulfilled as a role of first son.
My grandfather's eldest brother was an Indian army so he stayed out of home all the time. My mom said that he didn't like the job of 'Majhya' to collect all the revenue of that area and give to government. so he asked my grandfather to do all those jobs.

My great grandfather, Prashad Majhya was a drunkard so he couldn't do his jobs as 'Majhya'. My great great grandfather was a successful Majhya so he taught my grandfather to do all the jobs of Majhya in the village. After the death of my great great grandfather my grandfather at the age of 16, took all the responsibilities of majhya.

My great grandfather left my grandfather in so much debt. But by his effort, he paid all those debt and kept his family a happy family.

I know only the surface part of his life. But he is more than what I know about him. He is a real social worker. He has contributed a lot for his village'Madi in sankhuwasava'.
Some of the contributions are:
  • Established a school in Panchayat system. There was only two school in whole Sankhuwasava district at that time. And one was in his village
  • He is the one to establish water mill in the village.
  • He brought electricity in the village
  • He along with my grandmother ( keshar maya jimee) started kitchen garden for vegetable for the first time in the village
  • He started Cardamom or Elainchi farming to the village. People in that area still make a lot of income with this farming
  • He managed proper water system in the village
  • Improved paths of the village
  • Improved bridges in the rivers
  • Established a boarding school in the village for the first time for good education
  • Started Tea garden but couldn't succeed becoz of Maoist Problem.

Now he has only one vision that is to join the road to that village.

He is now in his early 80s but he is as active as he used to be. He is a man of simplicity. He never thought himself as a Majhya but as a man who is always ready to serve other.

I believe, he got all this success because of the contributions my grandmother made as well.


  1. Gr8 article we all lohorung should peep once and have a knowledge of social work not caring only about them self rather than about other people:

  2. hajurbuba lai koti koti namaskaar chha. He seems so active.

    all my best wishes to hajurbuba.