Friday, November 23, 2007

'I found a note book'

I got chance to learn many things in documentation centre beside my work. Books became my teachers and a window to peep the world.

I visited Singapore, Canada,remote parts of the village through those books in Documentaion Centre.

One day, as usual days I was organising the books, I found a note book. I became curious towards this document because it was hand written.Otherwise all the books are printed.

The other factor that attracted me to look this particular note book was the beautiful handwriting of the writer and the language.

When,I scrolled down my eyes to this note book I found its language very interesting.The language is very direct. We can feel Nepali sound while reading it.The grammars are not correct( Although I am weak in English I could feel it).

Later I came to know the name of writer. Her name is Archana Thapa. She was a married women which I came to know after reading her notes. Where is she? What is she doing? I don't know anything about her.

But the message of the notes are very important to us as they reflect our real society.

A part of her notes goes like this:

Nov 20th Thursday
Female,18 Yrs, Kumal, Barah Gaon

[she is daughter of Dhan Bahadur Kumal]

She is studying in class 8.Before she got typhyoid thats why she was delayed in her study. In her class there are 79 students. Out of them 12 are Kumal. Her sister is studying in class 7 and in her class there are 35 Kumal. When I asked her about reason of decresing number of Kumal Students in higher class. She told one of the main reason is due to early marriage. Boys and girls at 7/8 class get marriage ownself(elope)then leave school. She said such kind of social disconstruction was in practice in her society since long ago.She told but her parents don't want to marry her soon. They always encourage her to study & they had told her they would expense in her study even by selling land,She told although her mother is illiterate if they didn't study she scold them.

on my question about behavior of teacher with Kumal Students, she told their teacher never encourage them.Bahun Chhetri students are good in studies than Kumal because they don't have to do household work like them.Also they take extra tution,coaching.But Kumal can not afford extra money on tution, coaching. Bahun Chhetri students understand lesson easily but kumal students are dull $ can't understand their lesson.But they don't tell their teacher about this due to fear and shame because otherwise teacher scold them . Their teacher usually scolded them saying"when can we improve by teaching rotten like you".and also says"what will you do by study,you can't do anything". She said .so she doesn't like them she said.

One time her Bahun chhetri friends told why they kumal comes school.They don't study. They (kumal) come only to disturb them.Then she discussed with her kumal friends and they together quarreled with them saying why they (Bahun,Chhetri)come in Kumal area, go in their own area. After this they hesitate to speak ill of Kumals.

She said nowadays Kumal are improving in education.4 Kumal are studying certificate level outside from Naukilo.

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  1. Good inspiration deer Arati.

    keep up your spirit to serve backward society.