Tuesday, November 13, 2007

बुद्धको किरण

आज बिहानै बुद्ध पार्क् मा घामको किरण बुद्धको पछाडि परेको हुनाले बुद्ध ले प्रकाश छर्नु भएको जस्तो देखिन्थ्यो।

कति आनन्दायि थियो त्यो क्षण, साक्षात् बुद्धले सान्ति छर्नु भएको जस्तै।

त्यति बेला मेरो मनमा एउटै कुरा आयो'यदि म सँग क्यामेरा भएको भए'


  1. oye arati!!!!!!!!!!
    k bhanu.....i am not commenting for the sake of commenting, but really, u know what each and every nepali posts u have posted here is so so so impressive...really...i liked each one of them...keep it up... as for this post of urs, when i also see something like that, i wish that kaash ke i had a mobile with good quality camera...

  2. wat a fab blog!! its great to know there are other nepali women bloggers out there!! keep up the g8 work!

  3. satisfaction gives peace not buddha.

  4. tenzin,
    But I have complain about ur blog.Although there are two members to maintain ur blog but when I visit urs,its always the same article.

    don't u have ur own blog? If yes plez give ur address.I would be happy to visit urs too.

    You are right but buddha is the symbol of Satisfaction.Isn't it?

    Thanks to all of u three on commenting on my blog.
    Comments are oxygen for the survival of blog.