Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Orchids

I got a new orchid plant, in my list of orchid collection this month. I must thank to Am dai who brought me orchid although it is hybrid, from Illam, a place famous for orchids.

Now I have seven different kinds of orchid in my home.

The first orchid is from the Dakshin Kali which I bought it in Rs 30. It grows in a pot. When it bloomed for the first time, I didn't like it becoz of very small size. Its size was similar to paddy's flower.But it bloomed very nice this year. The flower's were so attractive ,white flowers.

Second one is from a temple near home. It was an one year ago when I visited that temple, a huge tree was lying in the way to the temple. and it was covered with orchid plants. I took it out from there and brought a lot at home. It hasn't bloomed yet but I have seen its flowers. It's colour is dark purple.

Third and Fourth, It was also brought by a friend of mine from Sankhuwasava last year. I like to thank him as well. One one of the orchid bloomed in the same year. It's colour is light purple and it is growing tender leaves these days.Other plant is in the stage of 50 -50. I don't know wheather it survives or not.

Fifth and Sixth, I bought it from new road. The plants were so shiny when I bought it but it is also in the stage of 50- 50.

Seventh is from Am dai. I don't know about its flower.There are four buds in it. I think It blooms next week.

My Dream about Orchid

  • To collect as many orchid as possible and make orchid farm especially of non hybrid orchids.

I wish I had a digital camera with high power of Zoom lens so that I could capture all the flowers and show all of u.

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