Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Memories of Pokhara (2063/ 4/ 18)

Begnas Lake: We played in water and felt the real enjoyment of nature

The Machapuchre ( Fish Tail) Range in the early morning

Malekhu: On the way to Pokhara with Shepherd gals 3rd Batch

From left: Sujata, Bipna, Sneha, me and the front one is Archana

Davis fall: Archana and me

The photographer of the team: that's me Arati

Note: Thanks Bishal for your high resolution camera.


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  2. Nice photos Arati. I loved the first two photos the most. The panoramic views are really grand. I really love photography and your photography is really appreciable.

  3. Arati jee, nice pics and best photography......

  4. Pokhara is too cool. I was there for couple days, long way back. Have some fond memories.

    Good Pictures. Better photography.

  5. It would be better if you drop some words with concerning.
    anyway, all are nice.

  6. thanks Gajendra Dai and I will try to write captions some day because I am having some problems regarding uploading photos.

    Thanks Nabin Ji

  7. Nice pictures! Refreshed my memory of that lovely place.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. yasto foto haru ta flickr ma rakhnu parchha ni....

  9. Rakhchu tara camera aayepachi:)