Monday, March 24, 2008

Lily & Flower

My 'Lily'. I gave this name to my cell phone few months back. I was confused what to name it as I wanted to name it from the name of flower and the name of any character from Harry Potter. Finally I found my answer.
I love my lily so much becoz it has helped me connecting with family, frens and has brought so important news to me. So I won't change it. May be entire my life..

View from my office veranda. Peace providing flower !! It also signifies nothing is permanent in the world, as it is withering away.

Note: I want to thank Muna for Camera.


  1. hi.....Your writing so tender just like the flower you described in your blog.

  2. what if your cell totally stops functioning? lol hey nice post...

  3. Thanks, If it stops functioning then I must change it but I won't throw it. I will keep it safely as long as I can keep.