Monday, March 10, 2008

Levels of Communication

Mid-term exam is going on. First was Mass Communication Theories and Practices. I left one question of 5 marks.

We sat for combine study last saturday for it. Let's revise. It is interesting. There are different levels of Communication described by Denis MC Quail, an expert of Mass Communication.They are:

Intra Personal Communication

Inter Personal Communication

Intra Group Communication

Inter Group Communication

Institutional Communication

Mass Communication

Let's take an example of myself.

I want to study Mass Communication. It's Intra Personal Communication.

I talk with my friend to study about it.It's Inter Personal Communication

I talk with my parents, brothers and sisters at home within my family. It's Intra Group Communication.

If I have to take loan for my studies, my parents ask loan to my relatives or his friends. That family decides whether to give loan or not.It's Inter Group Communication.

I join college.It's Institutional Communication.

I complete my studies and start to work. It's Mass Communication.

It is also called as Pyramid of Communication.

Thanks to all my frens Shankar, Kiran, Tribhuwan, Kishor, three frens which I don't know their names and Radha.

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