Thursday, December 17, 2009

Non Alignment Movement -Class Lecture

As always Regmi Sir's class is fantastic. Learnt a lot after long interval of time and today was my second day but first class for this specific subject- International Communication for fourth semester. It is an elective subject so won't miss it from choosing.

Sir started the class with Non-aligned Movement (NAM). Poor me :( , totally new. Sir started to define it relating to Information. Establishment of NATO and Warsaw Pact monopolized the information in the world. The other developed and the developing countries were out of this so they determined to raise their voice against the western domination. Simply, the sense of ‘we don’t belong neither to NATO nor supporter of Warsaw Pact’ is Non Align Movement (1961). They claim themselves neither Communist nor Democratic.

It further discuss on the main three points:
1.The realities of the third world should be reported.
2.Technical facilities for information flow should be provided
3.Improving western values should be stopped

In the western media, the news is published massively of their own economy, society, health and anything that is related to them. The news of the third countries are least important for them which is not appropriate according to Non-aligned Movement. It says it create Illiterate to them about the world because after all they should know the world.

Invention belong to Human Being so these should be free to use by any Human Beings but the Western monopolized the technical facilities.

Western values and norms are covering the world and there are different societies in the world and in those societies the western values and norms don’t fit in it.

Later, media representation of developing countries was discussed in UNESCO –New World Information Order (late 1970s). But it was not supported by the powerful countries because in order to make ‘New World Information Order’ those countries should have to lose the power.

Under New World Information Order, it was agreed to establish National Institution of information to each member country, which was not a government body but above the government. Due to wrong implementation, it became propaganda to government to control the information.

Beside all these, the western criticize it and tells that the dictatorship prevails in Non Alignment Movement.

PS: Non Alignment Movement is not active these days.

Ram Krishna Regmi Lecture