Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's sing

We are facing load shedding, but lets have positive thinking about it.

One of the day of load Shedding.
Time:Evening after dinner
Venue: Our room
Light: dim light of 'Tuki', We call it cobra at home beacause it looks like cobra and we have 4 cobras at home. It is popular at my home..isn't it?:)

'अन्ताकक्षरी खेलौ ' my mom said
'खेल्ने तर तपाईं तेही २ वटा गीत त गाउँनु हुन्छ ' I replied.
'अनी के त्यो चाँही गीत होइन '
'ल ल खेलौ 'I agree being good daughter
'सुरु गर ' she told me

I start to sing,

मेरा मन क्यु तुमे चाहे मेर मन
नाजने जुड गय कैसे यह बन्धन
कैसे यहाँ दि वाने दिल कैसा यह दिवाना पन

My mom sings,
नेपालको धराहरा
टोपी खस्यो हरर
बुट्टे चोलो लाउन साइली
घुम्न जाउँ शहर

uff again.. the same song ( I haven't heard it anywhere radio,tv etc.. I don't know why my mom remembers only this song)

I decide not to play so I start to sing myself and she sings with me. Finally we sing together, enjoying the darkness and the dim light of 'cobras'

Note : The other song is
लेकै मा फुल्ने लै लालिगुराँस
बेशी मा फुल्ने टोटोला ... I forgot the line
(My mom's two favorite song)


  1. मन त मेरो नेपाली ....

  2. जस्तो सुकै तरिकाले गाएपनि नेपाली गीत नै राम्रो ! :)

  3. It would be a cliche to say "old is gold", but its so true, so are your mum's songs.

    By the way, you'r blog has very nice templete, I'm quite impressed.

  4. Thanks Badri and Capchyaki

    Thanks Prajwol for liking my template.
    I suceeded after trying a lot of times in changing this template.