Friday, April 25, 2008

Arrival of Summer

Rain Drops,

Touching Petals and Leaves.

Moving Winds,

Shaking Petals and Leaves.

Dust Fragnance

Covering Petals and Leaves.

Mating of Nature

Brought by a beautiful Summer.

Note: I wrote this poem on the first day of rainfall in this summer. I always feel so good in watching drizziling rain, touching flower's petals and leaves. I feel the happiness of leaves and petals when the rain drops touch them and they made to swing up and down to those leaves and petals, covered by sweet smell of dust fragnance.


  1. Nice poem Arari. But still, shove your imaginations more in this poem. If you could add more vivid imaginations or subtle touch to this poem, this would really be a vibrant poem. I wish to see you dismantling and mantling this poem again as a separate one leaving this one intact.


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  3. nice and intresting poem... keep it up.....

  4. Thanks dibyendra
    I don't have words to describe more than this. I will try some day, may be some years (how many years don't ask)only if I will be able to play with words. Thanks for suggestion.

    Thanks Badri jee.