Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday Celebration of My Blog

'Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday my dear Blog
Happy Birthday to You'

This month is my blog's birthday. I have already gifted new template to my blog(although it is not completely done).
The story about my blog goes like this.

There was a teacher, Mr Rajesh Shakya in my Shepherd College (Bachelor Level). He used to teach multimedia to us in one of the semester. He told us about blog. When I first heard about it , I couldn't believe. 'How can we get a free site ?'

After few months, my brother Ashish talked about it. He opened his blog and told me how to open blog. I tried myself to open but I couldn't.

So first he opened a google account for me and finally a blog. The first post of my blog was posted by him. I really thank him for that.Thank You Ashish:)

The challange for posting new post in my blog at early days was the access to internet. So I posted only one post in a month. I used to type at my home and go to cyber for posting.
Later I posted articles from my office where I was doing internship & Finally from the new workplace and home too.

Now blog has become a part of my life. I like blogging and visting different blogs. The different blogs that I visit are:

They used to be very active blogger in the past.But may be they are very busy to post new post in their blog. Other blogs are,,,,,,,,,,

Some time blogging makes me irregular writer in my diary which sits quitely at my home without getting any comments from people but I manage to balance to write in that diary and in my blog.

There are so many things to write and share. The ideas generate as frequently as I post a new post in my blog.

Lastly, many many thanks to all the blogger and non blogger frens who comment visibly and invisibly to my blog.

And of course
Happy Blogging!!

My Previous Template


  1. Happy birth day to your blog!!!..
    Arati jee, story about your blog is very intrested...


  2. totally asthonised to see myself in the active blogger list. WOW..
    can i know is this your personel data or you have searched somewhere abt the active blogger list ???

    And Happy Birthday to your blog..

    can i ask you another question is aakriti like lohorung also run a blog ????


  3. Thanks Ametya,
    The list are those list which I visit frequently.

    Akriti is my little sis and she has a blog but she hasn't updated it.

  4. I am glad that you like blogging. It seems that people are not so different.

  5. I was tried to change my template too ....but i felt different when I was in my pages. So again ! I choose old one. But your new blog template is more attractive.
    ....and r u in DAMAK for voting Campaign?
    Reality Bites

  6. Please accept my belated happy birthday wish!

    I remember organizing a small gathering of fellow bloggers when we observed the completion of the first year of blogging back in 2005. Even though those were very difficult times because of the political upheaval, blog's birthday celebration was an wonderful moment. Your 'birthday blog' reminded me of that time. I feel thrilled to see the expansion of the blogosphere and all sorts of voices coming at the forefront because of this relatively new medium.

    Happy birthday once again and keep going!

  7. Thanks,
    I wish all the bloggers meet some day to mark a day a blog day.

  8. saw a link to my blog too.. didn't know our url were so close... nice to see someone wishing happy birthday to her blog...
    blogging is not a big thing to do- but to continue it surely is...

    happy blogging