Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hiking to the top of hill

Today we went on a hiking after a long time. We always plan for hiking but our plan goes always in vain. But today our plan succeeded.

When we left house at twelve o’clock and the rain was drizzling. We (My mother, my sister and I) bought some Rum Pum and Nepalese "Sel Roti" from near shop.

We were unaware of the way to up hill. This was our first time to go up the hill. We always see that particular hill from our home (Swoyambhu) very closely. We hadn’t gone there. Only my younger brother reached before us in last Dashain.

We moved forward by exploring our way. We were frightening from leech as it was season of leech. We reached to field of flower.

There were lots of flower and its farmers were busy in their field. The yellow, orange and red color Lahure flowers were blooming in the field. We bought some flowers and took photographs. Then we moved ahead.

After climbing little up we reached in that hill. It was a small hill. There was a tree of Salla in the middle of the hill. The large hills cover that small hill around it. The weather was rainy so the clouds were moving so near to the hill as if we can touch those clouds.
The weather was so cool and pleasant. The scenery around the hill was so beautiful like heaven. Green, Green and Green.
We took photos and ate food items that we had brought. It was time to return so we returned before it become late. But we made nice memories there.

I request all of u to go for hiking near the hills of Kathmandu. Please!! I swear you enjoy a lot.


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  2. Swoyambhu: when ever i go there i always see th viwe form the top.
    The view of "BhataBhunga sahar" where we live.

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