Friday, June 26, 2009

'The Last Lesson'

Few days back I read a short story which certainly makes every individual to think for sometime. The story's background is the invasion of Germans to the French.

In the story, the story is told by a small boy who studies in primary level. At first he doesn't like a particular teacher who teaches French language, his own mother language. He complains about the strictness of that teacher to the students and doesn't want to remember his class and the grammar. He never understand the class.

On that day, he goes to school but feels a different environment there. He sees army and the crowd. He enters the class and sees that the same teacher is in a uniform with a pleasant mood. He sits in his bench and the teacher is not scolding and beating the students today but teaching them a good lesson.

Unlike other day, he understands all and the teacher is saying that' This is the last class of French language today. From tomorrow a new teacher will come to teach you and that will be German Language'.

Note: It is one of the world famous story written by..... I forgot the name.

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