Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dhulikhel and Dolalghat Visit

Sometimes plan doesn't get success but unplanned things come true. It happened like that in the last weekend.
I was unaware on 7 Nov friday evening, of the things that were going to happen the day after.
Time: Sat Morning 8 Nov, I woke up at 4:30. Did my morning things. The college starts from 6:15am. Yes, my college runs on weekend days too, as there are working student in my class. After class, we went to local shop for tea and gossip. The only chance to talk with my college frens is the weekend days, particularly saturday. My college closes on Sunday.

Friends are very enthusiastic. We decided to go to somewhere but where?? My suggestion was 'Tau Dhaha'. They refused'It's very near' they said. They agreed to go to Dhulikhel. 'Dhulikhel? it was the place that I had recently visited for office picnic. But I hadn't got chance to visit Dhulikhel properly. I didn't say a single word to them and agreed to go there.

Camera was in my bag. I usually carry it on weekend days wherever I go.I love to go to take pics on the those days.

And the other unplanned thing was we decided to go to Dolalghat at Dhulikhel. It was full of fun mixed with tiring experience, riding a long journey on bike.

Thanks goes to all my dear frens Mani, Sajan, Binod, Deepak and Manoj. Special thanks to Manoj,local fren from ktm , who was my bike partner and who gave me a lot of information on Dhulikhel (He was a KU Student so ..)
We had a blast day on 8 Nov 08.

By the way, we practiced some photography techniques taught by photography teacher. So the trip turned out to be educational as well.


  1. the best thing to do is not to have any plans and just go for it. Plans just ruin the most fun part of the enjoyment. you are always worried about oh this thing should happen at this time and that thing is supposed to be done at that time and what not. We like to plan and organize things and we might think that planning works for us but in the true sense, moments are cherised better when things go unplanned. lol

  2. Wow ! u r right.Thanks for nice words.

  3. photographs are very nice...