Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dashain Thing

Dashain of 2065 is running with a full speed. The weather is different, not too hot and not too cold. But it is marking a sign that the winter has come. My hands and feet have started to freeze.

Office is off for three days. Today is the second day of my dashain holiday and I have to join office from day after tomorrow. Nothing so rush although there is too little holiday.

College is closed for one month. So don't have to wake up early in the morning. Enjoying sleeping and staying at home.

This Dashain is really a different Dashain from the previous Dashain. We used to play cards, go to shopping, enjoy the long holidays etc.. Nothing is going like before. feeling lazy to play cards and going shopping( this is my hatest thing in the world).

There is a little excitement of my brother's wedding. Preparations have been done.

I am happy today, my dear granny ( Keshar Maya Jimee) is coming from Morang. I will go to Pick her to the airport. we'll chat a lot, litsten her stories and will take a lot of pics of her. She is a darling grandmother.

Tomorrow will be a grand day, so many people will be at home. Kaakaa, Kaaki, Bhai, Bahines, Phupu, Didis, Chyama, Boju and we the six members from my family. I am thinking what should be cooked .. Beans, Daal, Bhat, Meat, Cauliflower, Achar and Eggs. Hmm it will be a nice day. Planning to take a nice family Pic and a lot of pics for the remembrance of Dashain 2065.

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  1. must be global warming. Unpredictable weather. Dasain used to be clear blue skies + good weather + moderate temperature.