Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I attended 3 days workshop on Alternative Violence Project(AVP).It started on 27 th sept and ended on 29th. The workshop was very interactive. A Huge thanks goes to the effort of Gajendra Dai, Nabin ji and Sujin Dai who organized this workshop and made it success.

I attended two days and I had to left one because of the protest match of a political party who believed in the non federal system of Nepal.

At the end of workshop, what I felt the most important thing is the unity that we shared among all the Lohorung pals.

I had wished to take a lot of photos but I couldn't becasuse of the tight schedule of my camera. I missed my camera in the whole workshop.

The souvenir from the workshop was secret messages that every participant got in the envelop which was decorated by their buddies. I was so impatient to open the envelop.

Finally at home, I opened and read it. The messages goes like this....

Everyone had an affirmative name before their name and my affirmative name was Amature.