Monday, August 25, 2008

Riding Regular Vehicle

We ( Suryama and Me) mostly take "Swoyambhu Yatyat" while returning home but there is exception case as well. Sometimes we pick up Micro. The above is Swoyambhu Yatayat n is my fav vehicle. I like it because of it's comfortable seats n the trasnparancy environment inside the bus.

The use of public vehicle should be encouraged in Kathmandu Valley. The increasing crisis of fuel is the main reason for encouraging it and the narrow road of kathamdu is the other reason.

The most irritating thing of using the public vehicle is time wastage on every stop and the dirty uncomfortable seats and most of the time you are lucky if you get those seats. Otherwise hang on the ceiling handles.

Anyways I love Swoyambhu Yatayat especially the one with comfortable seats and the transparent one.


  1. मेरो चाँहि फेभरेट "नेपाल यातायात" हो, है काठमाडौँ आउँदा !
    प्राय: अधिकांश रुटहरुमा नेपाल यातायात हिरो बनेर कुदिरहेको हुन्छ, अनि प्राय: यसो घुमफिर गरेर पुतलीसडक बाट चाँहि बेलुका यो बस चढ्न एउटा ठूलै युद्ध गर्नुपर्छ ।
    अनि युद्ध जितेमा, म बसमा कोचिँदै पछाडि सरिरहेको हुन्छु, अनि युद्ध हारेमा चाँहि अर्को बस पर्खिरहन्छु ।
    जसले जे भनेपनि, मलाई काठमाडौँ आउँदा, काठमाडौँ घुम्ने मनपर्ने यातायात बनेको छ, "नेपाल यातायात" ।

    यो विज्ञापन होइन ।

  2. Suryama Shrestha ho ra?
    I really love that girl
    She is a sweetheart..
    N ur blog is quite intersting