Friday, August 29, 2008

Funny Emails in my official Inbox

It's so funny to read these kind of email in official inbox.Hope you will enjoy too.

I need 3 water bottles (empty) does anyone have an old one? I need them for water samples
Please bring to my office
C(Head of our Office)

Another mail goes like this...

Hello All,
Please refrain as much as possible from using water in the office until 1600. (Hold it as much as possible)
At this time there is no water and we are trying to get a truck to deliver, but it is proving to be very difficult
This is a very urgent request.


NOTE:we understood, Using Less water means minimizing to go to rest room. Hehehe


  1. I am not able to stop laughing after reading second mail. FunStuff

  2. hi Arati, the emails are hilarious :), Hey thanks for the comment you gave me ealier on, sorry could not reply you ealier. i will be uploading new photos soon, let me know how you find them? take care and have a nice day!

  3. interesting and funny email.....