Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Memorable Weekend in Manakamana Temple,Gorkha

Breaking the line and taking pic
Our Group
Me with Suryama
My New Wooden bangles (Souvenir from Manakamana)

View from Cable Car

Flowers at temple
Manakamana Temple

Sun Set at Kurintar
The resort where we stayed
Cute and Sweet baby Srijan hybrid of Nepali and Thai
Oh my God !! Isn't this the heaven..

It's me and the background is Trishuli
Two Phuchhis of our group

Swimming Pool of River Side Resort
The reflection of Setting sun in the pool

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  1. Good to see those photos ;Actually i am also from gorkha .I miss my family gorkha a lot.....

  2. I felt like I was also there....simple but catchy snaps.