Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Night

It's 12:16 am. Ah ! it is a morning of 25 may but I am feeling it as a night of 24 may. Nothing special to write. But it's always turn something special when the writing ends.

Before sitting on computer, I was reading ' Microsoft Dekhi Bahaundada Samma' - translation of english version of 'Leaving Microsoft to change the world' by John Wood and the translater is Khagendra Sangraula. My flow in Nepali is good as compared to English. So I am enjoying reading it. I think I will finish it within this week. My end term is starting from june 2 so I must finish reading it till then and there is a long list of books to read after exam. Oh my god, how can I forget assignments.. It also needs time. Let's see what happens..

Isn't it only few days back when I joined KCC, my new college that is what I am feeling. Time is running very fast. It's the end of Ist semester...

Today, I went to Tudhikhel for observing 'Chandi Naach'. I loved the people doing it. I wished I could do.

what to write...........ok about tomorrow. Acutually about today because it's already morning but I will call it tomorrow becoz I haven't slept yet.

My college is off on sunday so I can wake up late tomorrow and the great thing is my mom won't 'Dhak Dhak' in my door. It's sunday!! complete rest day. But there are so many things to do. First of all cooking then,
washing, ok .... there is some extra work for me tomorrow. I am going to Post Office for sending some things to my sis through EMS. and assignments are there to complete.

Right now is 1:11 am. I still don't know when am I going to sleep..I am listening to FM, changing frequently becoz none fm is playing nice songs.

Tick Tick : the clock's sound
Swaaaaa : Computer's sound
Tyak Tyak Tyak: computer typing sound

Ok it's time to say bye bye from blog so before going, a short poem on this whole environment,

The twinkling artificial lights
In this mid night
The moon light
Between the clouds
Looking each other
In this mid and silence night.

Note: I slept for 2hrs today so it's a sleepless night :)

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  1. please keep these blog posts coming, i really enjoyed this particular one