Monday, June 9, 2008

Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival 08

I am so glad that I watched 4 films in this Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival( NIIFF).

In Laman's Terms Looking at Lamanite (60 ' / Sub - English)2: 10 pm
Native American / U. S. A., 2008,
Dir. Anglo Beca
A subversive look into the Mormon gospel and church

Positive Part- Nice Analysis on Lamanite
Negative - Poor Video Quality

Anagarik (98' Sub – English) 5: 10 pm
Gurung / Nepal, 2007,
Dir. Ram Babu Gurung
A tale of a boy forced to go abroad because of state's discrimination.

Positive Part- Real Portray of Gurung Community
Negative Part- Sometimes it feels that story is out of track

Spirits for Sale (58 ' / sub - English) 1: 00 pm
Navajo/English, 2007,
Dir. Folke Johansson
A tale of the invasion of the White people into the Navajo American culture

Chesung ( 98' Sub – English) 3:00 pm
Limbu / Nepal, 2007,
Dir. Mausam Imbung
A struggle to restore the traditional rights on the land
Positive Part: Nice Presentation of Limbu Community
Negative Part: Introducing Character is very weak

A lady in traditional dress in NIIFF

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  1. I'm curious...You mentioned this movie about the Mormon church. May I ask what you know about the church? I am a member of it, myself.