Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Documentary Film Festival

Today is the last day of Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival. It was started in Friday 7 Dec. I couldn't go to see any movies this time becoz of tight schedule on my holiday. But I watched 'Chulo, Choli Ra Banduk' last year.

I missed two great events this year. Kimff is one and the other is 'Brihat Pustak Pradarsani'.

The news and article in paper about these, make me feel more regretting.But I am happy with Film South Asia. I watched as many film as possible. I watched 5 documentaries.

Yesterday there was an interview of President of Kimff and he said that there is a certain group of young people who are interested in documentaries and to me, its a good news becoz documentary is taking a good market.

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